Thursday, July 26, 2012

six months later, Curzon is cancer-free

Apparently I took a summer vacation from the blog.  Oops.

Well, it's more like I got behind on my posting, then ended up sort of paralyzed that I hadn't posted, and then I went on vacation.  But the end result is no posts for two months, so we'll call it a summer vacation.  Rather than start with my mental backlog of posts, here is the most important thing that's happened in the last two months.

Curzon is cancer free at six months post-op.


I took him in for chest x-rays on July 10th, which are included below, and he looks perfect.  Apart from the obviously trimmed ribs and sternum, as well as a few surgical clips where his muscles were adjusted, there is absolutely nothing out of the ordinary about his chest films.  His heart, lungs, and other organs are clean.  There is no tumor regrowth around the surgical site, and no visible lumps or metastases on the film.  There are no physical lumps anywhere on his body.

We have our boy back, and that is a wonderful thing.

I will be taking him to the NAFA CanAm Classic, October 12-14 2012, which is essentially "flyball nationals" in Indianapolis, where he will race with a friend's team.  Next year, during 2013, he will earn his Flyball Grand Champion 50,000 point title, and in October of 2013 he will earn his Iron Dog Award for earning points in 10 consecutive NAFA racing years.

I can't wait.