Monday, August 5, 2013

big boys go to the big pool

Yesterday I got together with Martok's brother and his owner Gallia to take the dogs to the "big boy" swimming pool that we've gone to for several years.  This was the first time for the boys to swim in a pool without one of us in there with them, but after a short acclimatization period they were pretty excited to jump and swim until we made them leave.  Thanks to Gallia there were quite a few photos taken throughout the day...

Ezri always leaps enthusiastically into the water to go for her ball - she usually gets pretty good distance and is very reliable at bringing her ball back to me.

Jadzia has an adorable little "hop-splash" jump into the pool, she doesn't launch herself very far but it's very cute and she's always happy and wagging her tail.

And then we have the new baby - just LOOK at those legs with full extension, toes wrapped around the edge of the deck, leaping into the pool with intensity.  We're definitely going to have to get that boy into dock dogs!

So handsome, even when he's soaking wet and looks rather ridiculous.  I like the ear turned in response to whatever we were saying to him when the photo was taken.  He even looks relatively even in growth in this picture, which is amazing given that it seems one end or the other is always up higher in the past few weeks!

After swimming time was over, we let the boys run around in the backyard for a while to dry off and get more exercise time in.  I especially like the sideways swerve that Martok is displaying here as he focuses on a frisbee toy that was just thrown.

Such a handsome boy - love the little tongue-flick that was caught in this frame!

And then there's the bitey-face.  Oh, the bitey-face.  Now with adult teeth!

And puppy yoga.  Because why not?

Swimming at the pool was definitely a success for this little boy, and we will happily be going back again in the future!