Friday, September 26, 2008

Border Collie Genetics

There are three (soon to be four) dogs in my circle that are directly or indirectly from Ignited Border Collies, so today I decided to figure out all the pedigrees and relations of how the dogs are related to each other. The summary of the genetics is listed first, using call names, and the dogs listed are from Heelalong, OffOn, Hidden Valley, Quicksilver, and Ignited.

Trevwen Rock x Cinderglow = Quest & Katie

Quest x Tangent = Trep

Katie x Impulse = Xanth
Xanth x Aim = Jimsey

Brita x Quest = Reddy & Dare

Reddy x Bid = Rua

Dare x Corrie = DareBaby (not born)

Brita x Trep = Dazzle
Dazzle x Race = Indigo

Brita x Jimsey = Prancer
Prancer x Race = Ezri

So there are three dogs (and one potential dog) of interest in there, which are bolded. Ezri is my new puppy, Rua belongs to my brother-in-law, and Indigo belongs to one of my flyball teammates (who may also get a pup from the Dare x Corrie litter this winter). Now for the actual relationships between the girls:

Rua, Indigo, Ezri, and DareBaby are all first cousins through Brita
Rua and Darebaby are second cousins once removed to Indigo through Quest
Rua, Indigo, and DareBaby are third cousins twice removed to Ezri through Cinderglow
Ezri and Indigo are three-quarter sisters and one-quarter first cousins through Race and Brita
Rua and DareBaby are first cousins

Genealogy is fun, but awfully confusing at times...


Ben said...

It's cool to see how the pups are related. I am glad you have a better grasp of what second cousins once removed are than I do. Nice one!

Ben and Deborah said...

yeah! cool blog! I will definitely read it. I don't know anyone else that could figure that all out. very impressive! you should post pictures of all the Ignited related BCs