Monday, November 17, 2008

what I did this weekend

Let's see here, it's been a busy weekend in Azeroth as we invade the newly rediscovered contintent of Northrend. First, a picture taken last week of my beautiful new flying horse as we flew through the night skies of Nagrand. Soon we will be flying throughout the chilly skies of Dragonblight!

Well, even if I can't fly in Northrend yet, I can find other ways to go zooming through the air. How about harpoon surfing near Valgarde Keep? This was one of the most fun things I have done to date in this game, and from what I hear I can go back and repeat the experience any time I want. Now THAT is service!

Never fear, I have not been alone through my journey. Here is a shot of Chris and I as we wait for the ski lift to take us up from the Tuskarr village back to the cliffs of Howling Fjord. He is quite proud of his new kitty mount, even if she is quite toothy! We've had quite a lot of fun exploring both the Fjord and the Tundra, and we should be moving in to Dragonblight later this week. He's a little behind me right now since he's leveling a death knight, but Volnek will catch up to Bretak and I soon enough!

I have visited the Nexus in Coldarra, Borean Tundra, quite a few times this weekend as well. I even pulled out my magic broom for one last picture before it faded away until next Hallows Eve. Thankfully my awesome horse is not a temporary mount, but rather is one I will keep forever! The Nexus is the most beautiful instance I've seen to date, and I wish I could live there in the beautiful Librarium. Having pet dragons would also be quite awesome, of course.

Speaking of horses, I got to borrow this horse from some crazy death knight for a quest for a while. It's a little unnerving being on a horse who is just taking you somewhere without you having any input on the decisions whatsoever...but the horse was pretty smart after all and took me right to help her master, and I saw one of my friends there at the same time to boot!

And finally, the ultimate in insane cuteness - I rescued a bunch of murloc tadpoles from their evil captors, giving me an entire entourage of babies following me around! Sadly I cannot take pictures of sound, but they make the CUTEST sounds ever, I wish I could keep one permanently! I don't think Luineleuca (my flying serpent) would be quite so thrilled about that, however, she's much like Jadzia in her dislike of babies. Chris was also less than thrilled by the amount of squee that these murloc babies produce, but well too bad for him. CUTE!!

So I hope you enjoyed these postcards from Northrend. Wish you were here!

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