Tuesday, January 13, 2009

healthy kitty and end of the holiday

Obsidian is home again now, with his health mostly regained and his attitude fully so. When I visited him on Tuesday after work he was still not eating and kind of weak, but really happy to see me and already much better than when I took him in on Monday. Wednesday his levels were all good and he was doing just fine, but still did not want to eat. I decided to take him home at that point, as the ICU care is expensive and a cat not eating is something I can deal with on my own, as long as everything else is normal. So home we went, with a bright yellow vetwrap bandage over the IV site and a bottle of antibiotics, to a very happy Onyx who was thrilled to have her brother home again.

Obsidian slept most of the evening on Wednesday and Thursday, and I did have to syringe-feed him on Wednesday night and Thursday morning. By the time I got home on Thursday, however, he was hungry and letting me know so quite enthusiastically! Right now he's getting slightly overlarge meals of tuna or salmon (from a can) mixed with cottage cheese and either shrimp or clams (also from a can) with good digestion powder and salmon oil. He needs to put a bit of weight back on, and I want to give his immune and digestive systems time to fully rebound before I put him back on raw. I've got two more cans of tuna and another package of salmon, so he'll probably be on those through the end of this weekend. So this was an expensive interlude, but he's certainly healthy and happy again and so the money spent was well worth it.

Last Saturday we went to our friend Jared's birthday party, held at Tech City Bowl in Kirkland. This is a great bowling alley from what I can tell, nicely situated between the scariness of Kenmore Lanes and the haughtiness of Lucky Strike, and I'd certainly be happy to go back there again. The party arrangements themselves were not the best, being as they were intended for a kids birthday, but it was good fun nonetheless and it was great to see some of the presents Jared received - including 15 pounds of bacon!

After the party we came home and undecorated the Christmas tree and rest of the living room. This is always very sad to me, as we put away the sparkle and fun of Christmas and return to a relatively dreary and blah January. I now have to figure out what to do with our old tree star, which I replaced with an LED one to match the LED lights we switched to, and our old stockings which were also replaced. I can probably take the star to Goodwill, but unless I find someone with craft projects to do I don't think there's much that can be done with the stockings. The outside lights are still up, but I've turned off all the timers and unplugged them, and the wreath is still on the front door as it is perfectly viable due to being in the cold moist air. Inside, however, the only remaining sign of the holiday is a stack of Christmas cards on the table, with everything else put safely away in bins in the storage area under the stairs.

Goodbye, Christmas 2008. You were wonderful.

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