Friday, July 31, 2009

happy belated birthday, Ezri!

OK, so this is directly copied from the birthday email I just sent Ezri's breeder. At least on the blog I can put the pictures directly into the text instead of just attaching them!

At long last on July 15th, Ezri turned one year old and became eligible to compete in flyball. She debuted at the Patriot Games tournament in Truckee CA, running fun runs (singles and pairs) on Friday night and competing in NAFA competition on Saturday and Sunday. She won Singles on Friday night with a 4.195 (a 4.145 with a 0.05 start), and she and her big sister Indigo took second place in Pairs with an 8.24 to the winner's 8.22. Her debut weekend went splendidly, with only a few heat/excitement related issues, and she earned both her FD and FDX on Saturday. She was part of a new club record-setting lineup that ran a 19.46, running with Taz (black lab), Phoebe (my JRT), and Skye (a red border) - and that's not even our fastest set of dogs! On Sunday Ezri started the second race of the day, and ran a clean run of 4.16 seconds to set her first personal best. After a long trip home in the car and a few days of rest, we headed up to Maple Ridge BC for another flyball tournament, where Ezri earned her FDCh and got to within just 30 points of her FDCh-S by the end of the day on Sunday. During her second weekend of competition, her only reruns were due to false passes by my handling, and she got pretty good at spitting the ball to turn around and rerun as fast as possible. Despite the heat, Ezri ran a 4.135 in last position on Sunday, meaning her clean time was likely lower than that, but still dropping her personal best to that time. We'll be heading up to Cloverdale BC during the last weekend of August for a UFLI tournament, where she'll run pairs with Indigo (team name Ignition Sequence), and where we will run our theoretical fastest lineup including both Indigo and Ezri.

While being a perfect flyball dog on the course (complete with pulling and whining her head off), Ezri is generally a good girl at home although she definitely shows her "I'm a 15-year-old PRINCESS" moments. We're still working on improving her attention to us, as she is still often highly focused on her brother Curzon, and will ignore commands, treats, and even shake off a bop on the nose and go back to staring at her brother. Luckily Curzon remains focused on us, and so since Ezri will follow him then there is little danger of having any issues with her outside with him. If he's not around, Ezri is a perfect lady both on and off leash - now we just have to translate that to working with him around! She is rather protective of me and our property, and has been going through a stage of huffing or barking at anyone outside the car when she's in it, and she'll huff when someone she doesn't know gets too close to us when on a walk or at a hotel. However, she is very friendly and excited towards people who want to pay attention to her, and in a way it's a shame she hasn't met anyone who doesn't think she's lovely as now she expects everyone to adore her! Her favorite person to maul is Ben, who has encouraged this since she was a puppy and is now reaping the benefits of his continued ruffling of her, as she will climb and jump and paw at him when she first sees him. Ezri has taken to swimming with abandon, leaping into the river at the offleash park, although she is -not- fond of the "public pools" at the flyball tournaments and won't get in them, thus making me hose her down instead. The schedule isn't going to line up to try her out in dock dogs this year, but I am hopeful for next year to work out as I'd love to see her leap. We've started working with various frisbee tricks with her, and her beautiful natural flip looks gorgeous when going after a disc tossed behind her. Her catching still needs work, but at only one year she has time to learn that sort of thing!

Ezri is a fast learner, and is highly treat motivated and focused on her person. She does need to be worked with someone for a bit in order to listen to them, which is a bit frustrating for my husband! We will be going to a convention next month and she and Curzon will stay with a friend (the other two are being split amongst two other teammates), and I think the experience will be quite good for her as she hasn't been separated from me since the day I brought her home. We will be gone for almost a week in September, and she'll be staying with Ben and Deb with the other two BC's (and of course Indigo and Epic). And of course we'll have Indigo and Epic while they are gone at the end of August, so there will be plenty of time for the blood-related sisters to get used to each other! Right now our pack is still in the reorganizing phase to accommodate Ezri's new adulthood, and it won't surprise me if she winds up as alpha female in the dog group despite Jadzia's seniority and Phoebe's continued attempts to make a coup (Curzon is wisely staying out of the way). She's done quite well with Phoebe's attempts on her (the terrier just will NOT learn!) and treats them as play invitations, which I think drives Phoebe entirely batty but is a perfectly reasonable response.

We've worked hard to make Ezri resilient to new situations, having various trigger issues for the two older BC's that we wanted to avoid, and I think we've been rather successful. She's been around our friend's 3yo with no problems, and while curious at another friend's 1-month-old infant, after she sniffed his feet she was done with him and ready to move on to more interesting activities. Her abilities will be tested in just two weeks as our friends from NJ arrive with their 2.5yo and 4yo children to stay with us for a week - it should be quite entertaining! Even the Fourth of July fireworks didn't faze her, with nary a startle, a bark, or any other fear/startle response in sight. She could probably use another structured training class, which I may try to set up in the fall, but has done quite well with clicker training here at home. She also did beautifully with speedboat rides when I spent a couple days on the lake at my best friend's inlaw's cabin. The cats don't bother her, although admittedly they rarely interact due to Phoebe's issues with them, and she is also little interested in the outdoor wildlife of squirrels and such that Phoebe finds so attractive. She is good in the kennel at home, and spends most of her time lying on the second story of the plastic play structure we bought them (playskool thing off Craigslist), chewing on the various edges. Chewing is indeed her one bad habit - she absolutely RIPS through toys, to the point where we can only have out "tough chewer" toys such as the Tuffy rings and silicone-rubber toys. Luckily she has not tried to chew anything belonging to us since she was about three months old, and never went after her bedding, so we can deal with the toy issue. She's a good traveler in the car, careful to sleep most of the time and not pick fights, and also hangs out in the hotel well especially if she has a toy to chew.

Happy birthday, merlebutt. May there be many more!

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Christy said...

I kept forgetting to tell you today--Susan says that the "Bow Wow Fun Town" dog place on 61st has a HUGE selection of the "indestructible" toys :)