Saturday, February 19, 2011

border collie basketball

Last week Ezri decided she really wanted to play with the basketball that was in the dog toy bin, so we got it out for her. It's the second one left after Curzon worked his way into chewing a hole through the first one about two years ago. This one isn't fully inflated, but it's not quite yet deflated enough for any of the dogs to be able to bite it easily. Of course, hilarity ensued, and so did the pictures.

The ball was between me and Curzon, so you can't quite see his awesome Mad Teeth*.


We've got it pinned against the what?

Ezri claims her prize and guards it from her favorite bed.

And of course, there's even video. Basketball border collies, with bonus jump-on-the-couch footage!

In other news, we're nearly done with the renovations of my sewing room. Chris is working on putting in the threshold piece that covers the intersection of the new laminate flooring with the hall carpet, and then we're ready to start moving things in. I've already built one of the tables and it is in place so as to provide a guide for installing my pegboard, which will be the last major item that needs a lot of work to install. Then we can build the other table and start moving the rest of the furniture back into the room - yay!

*Mad Teeth is a phrase I originally found on WooTube, and which is one of my favorite dog face descriptions these days.

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