Sunday, September 11, 2011

today I choose to remember happiness...

There are many things to remember today, and the media would have us all spend the day in fear, misery, and drama.  Instead, I choose to ignore the media today, and I choose to remember life, love, and happiness.

Three years ago today, I flew to Chicago and brought home Ignited's Ezri Dax.  It was a very long day, as I took flights that left Seattle at 6am and returned back at 11pm, but it was worth it to bring home my wonderful little girl.  I was able to spend a couple hours (and lunch!) with Mike and Sharon at their home, including time playing with the puppies from the two litters (Race x Dazzle and Race x Prancer) that were there waiting to go home.  I met Brita, Dazzle, Prancer, Corrie, Singed, Hex, and Sprint there, and had a great time.

Ezri was not so thrilled with the trip home, especially in the airplane - why was she in a bag?  Why was it dark and noisy?  Where were her siblings and mama?  Why wouldn't I take her out?  Toys, chews, food, pets, nothing was enough.  She cried so loudly during the ascent to cruising altitude that the flight attendant came over to me once we were safely enroute and had me take her out of the carrier and keep her on my lap.  She promptly passed out and slept the remainder of the flight home!

Chris was still working graveyard shift at the time, so I raced home after landing and he was a little late to work so he could see her before he left.  The new person in the weird motorcycle gear didn't faze little Ezri at all - she happily accepted his attention, then turned to devour a chicken wing as her first meal that day before going to bed in her crate.  It had been a long stressful day for such a little puppy, after all!

Three years, and it's been wonderful to have Ezri in my life.  I'm looking forward to many more years to come!

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