Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snowmageddon in Seattle

Seattle isn't meant to get snow.  Between the steep hills, sharp turns, and sea-level elevation, the city is not equipped to deal with snow or ice and so when it happens every few years, things generally shut down.  Both Chris and I are lucky enough to have jobs where we can work from home (or vacation/sick time if we can't work for some reason), so neither of us have gone anywhere for the past few days.  I did go to work on Tuesday morning but came home around lunchtime to avoid any issues with the additional snow.

We got about 4-5" of snow on Sunday, followed by another 4" or so on Tuesday morning.  On Tuesday, Chris built a snowman - it has chuckits for arms and a tennis ball for a nose.
Ezri discovered the tennis ball nose and found that insulting, so she tried very hard to reach up and get it.

 Trying to play fetch with tennis balls in the snow doesn't work very well, so we threw snowballs at the dogs instead.  You can see the ball heading for Curzon's head just above and to the right of him in the photograph above.

Ezri also catches snowballs, then lies down and eats the snow.

 All the trees look like they've been dipped in confectioner's sugar.

This is the branch of the tree out in the kennel, visible outside my office window.  We got another 4-5" of snow yesterday, and it's been pretty sticky stuff so the trees are hanging onto it tightly.

I got tired of throwing snowballs, so I brought out a basketball to kick around in the snow.  Curzon loves this game!

Ezri will play too, if you can get her attention away from stalking Phoebe's tennis ball.

They're trying to tug on the basketball here...that didn't quite work according to plan.

Jadzia didn't like the snow very much this time - she seemed grumpy and cold the entire time I had her outside and didn't even want to look at the camera.  So I sent her back inside with Phoebe after just 15-20 minutes or so, and kept the other two out for a while longer.

Curzon, however, LOVES the snow and it sure does make it easy to take good photographs of him!

Phoebe spent her entire time outside playing with a tennis ball, as she drops it, digs it back out, chews the snow off of it, runs to a new location, and repeats the whole sequence.  I tossed her up into the wheelbarrow for more entertainment for me.

Picture of our snowy house and truck!  Of course Ezri had to shake right as I took the photo, so she looks weird.

Today will be more of the same, as we are both working from home again as the snow melted slightly yesterday afternoon and then froze solid, and the city is under a Ice Storm Warning until about lunch time.  The dogs are not very happy about having to punch through an ice crust when they walk outside!  Even all of the runways are shut down at SeaTac airport, which is pretty impressive as I don't recall that happening in the time I've been here.  So today we will stay home, work on our laptops remotely, and I will probably play with my buckyballs and knitting again.  I made a hexagon-based snowflake yesterday in honor of the snowstorm - pretty!

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