Monday, February 6, 2012

creating and recovering

Curzon came home from his surgery on Thursday afternoon, and he's been recovering steadily with improvement every day.  On last Monday afternoon, before he went in for surgery, I took him over to Artis to have a photo shoot done by my friend Amy, and the photos are just wonderful.  We did a selection of indoor and outdoor photos, and this one was the one we chose to enter in their Senior Dog Contest, where the photo with the most "likes" on Facebook by the end of February will win a prize.  So if you're on Facebook and want to vote for Curzon, click here!

Chris ordered a new thick comfy bed with heat-keeping material in it for Curzon to use during recovery, and he's a fan.  One of our flyball friends brought us an antler chew for him, and he thinks that's pretty cool too.  And of course all the extra food and attention he's getting is fantastic, although he's really not a fan of being carried up and down the stairs and not being allowed to play with his little sister...

On Saturday I took off the t-shirt he's been wearing to check over his incisions, and the bandage over the incision for the chest tube was falling off so I cut that one off entirely - and now I can't find where that incision was, he's healed so quickly!  Hopefully this is a good sign for his health and happiness - just look at how his fur is already growing back, he's much less "white skin" than he was just on Wednesday.

And of course we've had the most wonderful and supportive friends, both near and far, those who have met Curzon and those who only know him from internet photos.  One of my favorite things is this photoshopped picture of the evening I brought Curzon home from the vet, where the group commented that the combo of the shirt and coat made him look like Superman...

Over the past few weeks I've also made two new recipes, although sadly for Chris they were both full of gluten so he could not enjoy them.  The first is the biscuit recipe from the Homesick Texan blog which my friend Christy found and shared with me.  The biscuits come out really nice and tasty, plus you get to whack the dough viciously with a rolling pin while you make them, so what's not to like?

I've also made two batchs of pain de mie using a recipe from as the basis, and then substituting with what I have on hand.  I used the King Arthur Ancient Grains flour mix in place of the potato flour, 1/3 cup of fresh triticale flour and the rest AP flour in place of the white whole wheat, and a regular loaf pan with a casserole dish on top in place of the recommended pullman pan.  This bread is *wonderful* and is tender, slices well once cool, and is a little bit sweet.  It baked up well both in the pan with a casserole dish on top (just grease the dish!) as well as the leftover dough left to bake as a round in the pan.  The sliced bread also freezes very well, which works out great for me since I'm the only one eating it around my house.  Yum!

Finally, as a surprise to nobody who knows me, I ended up making a blanket for Curzon before he had his surgery last week.  My friend got me a charm pack of the new Kate Spain fabric line "Good Fortune," thinking that I did indeed need some good fortune in my life, and I used the entire pack to create a simple 6x7 layout of the 5" finished blocks, which was then backed with some flannel that I had in my stash.  I used no batting, so as to be lighter and less likely to be chewed up by a bored border collie, and finished it by sewing right sides together and flipping the blanket out through an opening.  I did a few lines of stitch-in-the-ditch quilting to help keep the blanket together, and topstitched the edges, and I'm very pleased with how it came out.  This is the blanket in the contest photo at the top of this post, and Curzon's spent a lot of time sleeping with it since he came home.

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