Thursday, June 20, 2013

photos, memories, and knitting

Here at long last is a photo of the cowl that I've been working on since April.  It's been a bit of a struggle at times, as it's the first lacy thing I've made, but it's coming out well.  This photo was taken after I completed the second mesh lace panel, so I'm over halfway done and working to finish it up now.  The project has seen two sets of needles (started on Signature fixed circs, moved to Chiaogoo interchangeables and sold the Signatures), seen my first rip-back and pick-up (after I screwed up the first lace panel), and three flyball tournaments so far.  I really love it, and I can't wait until it's finished.

At the tournament last weekend, I got to pick up Martok's new crate tag, which is made by the same awesome person who made the other three a couple of years ago.  I decided to leave Curzon's tag on the crate and just add Martok's below it, as I'm not ready to take it down and I kind of like leaving it there as a legacy.  Martok looks so tiny in that crate...

This week I also was able to pick up our finished prints and digital images from Artis, from the photo shoot we did two days after Martok came home and nine days before we lost Curzon.  The new banner bar is the dog family shot from that session, and the one below is my favorite one of me and Curzon - I just adore how his ear is flipped up against my face.

It's also pretty amazing just how many changes Martok has gone through in the eight weeks since the photos were taken - of course I know he's grown, but the changes are so subtle it takes photos to recognize them.  Here he is last night (his sixteen-week birthday), next to one of the prints from our photo session (age 8 weeks four days) - such a difference!

Monday was also Martok's last day of puppy class, which of course he passed with flying colors.  Chris took a great shot of him with his blanket and graduation certificate - the first of many to come, I'm sure!

One of my teammates posted some photos from our after-racing hangout/BBQ at the tournament three weeks ago, including this shot of Ezri snuggling with me in my awesome camp chair.  She earned that relaxation after running a bunch of 3.9's that day!  The pattern has continued, with her running a 3.905 on Saturday last weekend in the first heat of the day and then running a 3.950 in the last heat of the day on Sunday.  Overall I think she had more sub-4 heats than not, and I'm pretty excited and happy about that!

I'm still working on finishing up the photo book for Curzon, and I've made it through 2011 in our collection of digital photos, so I'm nearly done.  I found a bunch from that year that I want to include, so I may end up adding more photo pages before I call it good.  Meanwhile, this is one of my favorite photos - taken at Lake Whatcom in 2009, where we spent our summer shutdown week at the cabin owned by my best friend's in-laws.  It was a great week.

Oh, how I miss my handsome brave boyo. It's starting to be less of a constant hole, but random moments still catch me off guard whether I expect them to (picking up the photos) or not (the way Martok curled up in my lap last night).  I'm wearing my locket every day, tucked under my shirt next to my heart, and I do take comfort in that as well as in all three of our dogs.  I'm trying to focus more on gratitude for what I have now, what we had with Curzon, and the gifts and memories and lessons that he gave to us with all of his heart.  It's a process, that's for sure, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  He deserves the best of everything I have to give him, even now that he's gone.

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