Tuesday, July 23, 2013

puppy uncorked

Last weekend Chris' parents visited us for the weekend, which was a nice change for them as it's currently right around 100F and humid in their home in New Jersey, whereas we had beautiful 80F and sunny weather all weekend.  We did quite a few activities while they were here, including a boat tour of Lake Washington, some excellent dinners out, and of course two activities that included the dogs.  On Saturday afternoon we went to Kirkland Uncorked, a wine tasting, food, boat, and art festival right on the waterfront in downtown Kirkland, and we took Martok with us.  He did really well, especially given that he's only four months old, and won all kinds of fans with his good behavior and adorable puppy antics and looks.

Waiting on the bench to go to the first wine tasting tent at the beginning of our afternoon.  It was still cloudy at this point!

Here he is not sure why I put a glass of something sweet smelling (it was blackberry mead) next to him and then wouldn't let him drink it!

The sun was fully out at this point, and he was a little hot and tired by now as we went out to the dock to look at the boats.  This was a whole new experience for him, as the floating docks move around and creak and squeak, so there was a lot of hopping back and forth for dried chicken shreds to get used to it.  He didn't want to jump onto the two boats we put him on, but he was more than happy to jump OFF of them and back onto the dock!

I sat out with him while Chris and his parents got some ice cream for us, and he even put his head down on my foot and snoozed a little bit.  Even though we were only out for about three hours, it was a lot of work and stimulation for the little guy!

On Sunday we went out to the Ballard Locks for a walk in the afternoon, and this time we took Jadzia with us as she doesn't practice flyball anymore like the other two had done earlier in the morning.  She did very well with the crowds and the people, including nice greetings to children who wanted to say hi to her.

Watching a HUGE yacht go through the small lock from the lake to the sound, it filled up the whole thing all by itself!  Jadzia was not terribly impressed, however.

She much preferred the twenty minutes we spent sitting on the grass in the shade while the others went inside the visitors center to learn more about the locks.  The last time Chris and I were here, Curzon was a puppy, so it's been at least nine years since we were here...ah, memories.

And the other big thing this week is that I got a hammock for the back deck.  It's a simple thing, just a fabric sling with a stand, but it's comfortable and it's a hammock, so I'm pretty happy with it.  This is my view if I'm in it when the dogs are outside, however...

Ezri is not much for relaxing, you see.

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