Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Eleven weeks old, still learning...

Yesterday was Ezri's eleven-week birthday, we took the standard pictures and they're up on my Facebook page. I'm guessing she is about 15lbs now, and she is significantly taller than Phoebe and just a little bigger than Obsidian at this point. She's getting better at going up and down stairs, although she does keep trying to stretch on the way down sometimes which means she slides down the stairs frog-dog style. I swear she grows when she naps in the evenings, and her harness fit much better yesterday than it did at puppy class on Monday, so she must've done some growing at least overnight!

Her training is coming along in bits and pieces, and she's definitely a smart little girl who is always trying new things and new ways to annoy us. She and Curzon have regular play sessions which involve tugging on toys and also wrestling and "nom-ing" each other, which is quite entertaining to watch. She's pretty much gotten the idea that pee should go outside, although she hasn't quite figured out how to tell us this to go out, but she will usually go pee on command outside. Getting her to understand that poop also goes outside is harder, but I caught her just as she was squatting this morning and whisked her outside, where she got lots of praise for going outside so hopefully that will help. Ezri is also settling in to the family routine of playtime interspersed with quiet time, such as when we're playing video games or watching a TV show. Thankfully she hasn't picked up any of the bad habits of the other dogs (Jadzia's beep fascination, Curzon's shredder/vacuum herding, Phoebe's whining for food), although I'm sure she'll come up with some habit of her own sometime along the way.

The first photo in this post is Ezri sleeping in the living room last week, in the corner of the couch with the settee, and I have *no* idea how she managed to sleep for at least a half-hour in that position without injuring herself. The second photo is her first meal on the bowl riser we use for Curzon (it's a shoe rack!), which is exceedingly cute as she's standing up on it to eat because she's not -quite- as tall as I thought she was.

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