Saturday, October 4, 2008

if a picture is worth a thousand words....

Then this picture says it all about Curzon: intensity, drive, power, concentration, and more!

It was taken by Harold Carter at the Gig Harbor "Harbor Hounds Walk the Town" event on September 22, 2007. At the event last weekend he gave me a CD filled with images from the 2005 and 2007 events, which we greatly enjoyed looking through with Jeff, Julie, Jason, and Lindsey this evening. I plan to put all of them up on Flickr or another site where the rest of our teammates can see them and get copies for themselves.

Here is a lovely one of Jadzia with her tail up in full "airbrake" position, also taken on 09/22/07.

Finally, two more taken on September 24, 2005 - Curzon is just shy of two years old, and Jadzia is three and a half.

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