Tuesday, December 16, 2008

snow, trees, and singing

On Saturday Chris and I went out to get our Christmas tree from Mountain Creek Tree Farm in Snoqualmie, WA. Our friends Barbara and Jared introduced us to the place in 2006, and this is our third year returning to get a lovely tree and other decorations. This time we wanted something different than the typical Douglas Fir, especially since we couldn't find one that we both liked. I initially wanted a Frazier Fir, but again there were no trees that we both liked - Fraziers tend to be a bit spindly, and of the few that were full enough to make Chris happy there were none that were even enough to make me happy. We looked at the few Turkish Firs present, and also meandered through the Noble Fir section, but nothing really seemed to fit. As we were going through the Frazier section again, we wound up finding a mis-located Grand Fir, which we both liked immensely and decided to bring home. We cut it down ourselves, had it baled, put it on the roof of the Subaru, and brought it home. Right now it's up in the stand in the dining room (drinking ungodly amounts of water), and we're planning to decorate it tonight. I also got a lovely wreath for the front door, and a small sprig of mistletoe that is currently hanging decoratively on a cabinet.

Saturday night brought our first snowfall, along with a truly Artic cold snap that this area hasn't seen in about forty years (according to the radio personalities this morning). We got about 2" of snow Saturday night, which was enough for Ezri to run about in for her first experience with snow - not that she really noticed anything new! I think it will be interesting to see what she does the first time she sees nice deep snow, as Curzon's first experience at just 10 weeks old was rather entertaining and adorable to boot. Perhaps there will be enough snow in the mountains to make snowshoeing feasible during my week off after my mom and sister leave. At any rate, the cold snap is expected to hold through Christmas at this point, with few if any excursions above freezing. There is quite a bit of ice on the roads in various places, including the flyover bridge I take to get into our work campus, so yesterday I drove myself and the remainder of the week I am riding in with Christy so that Chris has the car to drive himself to work. Between the cold and the ice, it is just not worth the risk of a bad spill or frostbite, so no riding for us this week. It is supposed to snow again tonight, and possibly snow Sunday-Tuesday as well, so we may have a serious white Christmas this year!

I have posted a few new videos up on YouTube for anyone who is interested!
Ezri and Riker, 12/06/08 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OD_kKv8f8g
Ezri and Curzon, 12/08/08 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCgdHnigvFQ
Ezri at Flyball Practice, 12/14/08:

Ezri was five months old yesterday, and her flyball training is coming along beautifully as seen in the videos linked above. She's single-stepping most of the jumps, has a nice high quick boxturn, and an excellent recall back to her squeaky tug toy. I had a teammate time her on Sunday and she ran a 5.26 as her best time - pretty awesome for such a little thing!

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