Sunday, December 21, 2008

walking in a winter wonderland

Over the past week, we have had record-setting winter weather here in the Seattle area. First we had some ice last weekend, followed by frigid temperatures in the low teens for several days. Next up we had a snowstorm hit Wednesday night, dropping a quarter-inch of ice followed by about four inches of snow. And finally, we had a second snowstorm hit yesterday evening that has dropped another 4-5 inches of snow. All in all, we have about 8-9" of snow on the ground at our house, certainly the most we've seen in our eight winters here!

So what do you do with that much snow? You take the dogs out to play in it, of course! First up, we have Curzon, whose dark fur picks up the snow beautifully, thus highlighting his features:

Next is Ezri, who isn't fazed by her first snow at all, and enjoys romping through packed and powder snows chasing her brother or a ball:

Third up is Jadzia, who doesn't care what is on the ground as long as she can fetch a ball somehow:

And last but not least is little Phoebe, who has had great glee in demonstrating her previously unknown talent for burrowing in the snow to bury/uncover/bury/uncover a tennis ball:

They've all had a great time romping in the snow, and hopefully they will now sleep for a while. Yesterday we took them to get baths at a place we hadn't been to, the Bow Wow Fun Towne at the corner of 61st and Lake City Way, and that was enough to tire out the (terrified) puppy to sleep most of the day.

Chris has been working from home since Thursday, having brought home his laptop and using a combination of ventrilo and our cell phones to take calls. I stayed home on both Thursday and Friday due to concerns with getting out of the house safely (plus the police were telling people to stay home already), but whether those days will go down as sick time or weather time is yet to be determined. I'm on vacation starting tomorrow, so no further worries for commuting for me until January 5th!

On a more disappointing note, my mother and sister are still not here despite being scheduled to fly in yesterday. Late Friday night, United Airlines preemptively cancelled all flights going into Chicago in fear that the weather forecast would be horribly wrong. Of course, nothing happened at ALL yesterday in Chicago, meaning that the cancelled flights were nothing more than an insult to the thousands of passengers stranded. The best they could do was to put them on a flight tomorrow, thus cutting short our visit by two days and actually making it far more dangerous for us all, as instead of them coming in between storms they will be coming in at the end of one. I'm hoping the roads will be clear tomorrow so that I won't have too much trouble getting out and going to the airport, in addition to hoping the airport is running well enough for their flight to get in. Overall, I'm really pissed at United right now for doing this for absolutely no good reason, as they've cut my time with my family and put us all at greater risk during the rescheduled travel. Well, nothing I can really do about it now but hope, I suppose. Sigh.

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