Friday, April 10, 2009

farewell, and thank you...

Last night, Ezri's father passed away. Quicksilver's Record Time, aka Race, was from all accounts a sterling flyball dog and a loving and truly wonderful pet. He has certainly bequeathed those talents to his daughters Indigo and Ezri, as well as many more of his children that I do not know personally. He fathered four litters with Ignited, three with Dazzle and one with Prancer, with the last litter just about seven weeks old as I write this. I was hoping to meet him when I went to the east coast in either July or December this year, and I am truly sad that I now will not be able to do so.

950108 - Sprint - raced for 13 years and earned over 38,000 points

980859 - Race - raced for 8 years and earned over 15,000 points

080559 - Indigo - debuted on April 26, 2008 and already has over 6,000 points
09xxxx - Ezri - will debut on July 25, 2009

I will do my best to help Race's daughters Indigo and Ezri live up to the flyball legacy that he and his mother Sprint have left for them. I am grateful to Race and his human for giving me the gift of my little red merle girl, and I hope that he has found peace over the rainbow bridge. Rest well and run your heart out in "record time," Race.

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Linda said...

How sweet, honey. I'm sure Indigo and Ezri will make him proud.