Tuesday, April 7, 2009

four dogs, two cats, one vet, and me

Today I took all of the critters in to see the vet. Curzon, Onyx, and Obsidian were due for their annual checkups, I wanted to get weights on Jadzia and Ezri, and at that point I figured I might as well take Phoebe too. The trip went well, after a few sharp comments at Phoebe to stop whining about the cats, and everybody is completely healthy.

Onyx - 9.05 lbs
Obsidian - 11.01 lbs
Jadzia - 35.8 lbs
Curzon - 42.2 lbs
Ezri - 32.0 lbs
Phoebe - 9.8 lbs

I'm pleased with everyone's weight except Jadzia, who is still tubby when she should be 30-32 lbs at the most. Maybe I need to cut her food down to 5 oz per meal instead of her current 6 oz, as her weight is not good and she was running 5.5 - 5.7 at the tournament last weekend. I know she needs more exercise, but the food may need to be chopped as well. I'll need to think that over a little more before I decide for sure, however.

Both cats need to get their teeth cleaned, which Dr. Obando thinks she can do with just the ten-minute knockout shot, which will save me a lot of money over longer anesthesia. I also had her price out the spay operation for Ezri, which will cost considerably more (of course) and require a full days' stay. I keep vacillating slightly, as I love her so much I almost do want the possibility of a puppy from her, but I would have little chance of spending the time with a litter of puppies that I would want to. Plus I'd want a "new Ezri" in about ten years, well after her reproductive prime, so that still isn't the answer. I should just be happy that there are plenty of Race/Dazzle girls available to carry on the line, although I think I'll inquire if any of Ezri's full siblings are going to be kept intact for breeding.

Now just to figure out when to spay her that won't conflict with a tournament or hold too long and chance her going into heat...

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Linda said...

ah, my grandchildren - all healthy - I show the photos of you and the four and preface it before showing the photo with, "here's my daughter and my grandchildren." It's always amusing to see the expressions and then hear the laughter. Everyone seems to understand!