Wednesday, May 27, 2009

border collies do not do "rest" well...

It's been a week since Ezri was spayed, and her recovery has gone well for her, although not so well by the vet's standards. We started off with her wearing just the softcone that Ben lent us, but unfortunately on Thursday evening she got around it and pulled out one of her stitches. This meant a quick trip to the vet on Friday to check on it, and that she then got to wear the big plastic cone around the softcone. The vet was very impressed with her healing so far, and saw no problems with the incision or remaining external stitch, so she was let be without any additional modifications.

Then the vet noticed how active Ezri was, and how excitable she was, and finally agreed to give me tranquilizers for her to keep her calm/quiet for a few more days. She had been pretty zonked on Wednesday, and sort-of calm on Thursday, but by Friday she was happily trying to leap up stairs and goad Curzon into playfighting with her. The tranqs worked to contain that, neatly taking the edge off her with a half-tablet and sending her to snoozetime with a full tablet, and so she made it through the rest of the weekend without much more activity.

Yesterday Chris came home from work to find Ezri had some diarrhea in her crate, poor thing, likely due to a combination of the tranqs and two meals of sheep organs on Monday. He cleaned her up and put her bedding in the wash, but didn't put the plastic cone back on her as he figured since she'd be sleeping in the bedroom with him, he'd hear her tags rattle if she went after the incision. This did not work out as intended, as puppies who are itchy are very sneaky, and when I got home her second stitch was long gone. I was already planning to stop by the vet today with her, as I'm going to Bellevue to pick up this quarter's order of dog food, but now it will be an incision check instead of a stitch removal. The incision looks pretty good, it's neatly healed up on the lower part where the first stitch was pulled out, and mostly healed at the top except for a small knot where the second stitch was. It's no longer open at all, and is no worse than a scratch on the arm as far as I can tell.

Ezri will be on half-tranqs today as she is in the car here at work and through her check at the vet this afternoon. Assuming no issues at the vet, I'm planning to return her to normal activites tomorrow (i.e. going out in the kennel) and back to running and racing this weekend.

Oh, and the tech at the vet said that they've only given out tranqs for one other spay recipient in the past...and that was apparently Ezri's sister Indigo.

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