Thursday, May 21, 2009

ten months, and a door closes

Ezri turned ten months old last Friday, and yesterday she had her spay surgery (i.e. a hysterectomy). She is officially out of the gene pool, and will not be having any puppies. It was a hard decision, as I think I've written on here before, but it is done now.

When we walked into the vet yesterday, Ezri weighed 33.8lbs, which is an increase of 1.8lbs in seven weeks. I think she's very close to her adult size, and will probably not go above 35lbs as a healthy running weight. Her surgery went very well according to Dr. Obando, and she recovered nicely at the vet during the day. When I picked her up she was definitely stoned and instantly clingy, not wanting to be away from me by even a few feet. She will stay where I put her right now, which is a new experience, and is minimizing the movement she has to do at all times. She's had no problem with her soft cone collar, and slept quietly through the night. The incision is much smaller than I expected, only about 2.5" long with two stitches, and is looking just fine so far. We are carrying her up/down stairs and putting her on the couch with us, as she is not supposed to do stairs or jumping for a few days.

Ezri ate a few cookies around 7pm last night, and happily ate 1/2 of a normal meal at about 9pm with no problems. I put her back on her full meal size this morning, and she was rather thrilled about that. The only problem right now is that she needs to poop, but apparently this hurts and so she tries and then gives up and just looks at me pathetically. Poor baby! She is in her crate today and tomorrow, with Chris letting her out when he gets home. I gave her a chewy stick this morning and left the radio on, so hopefully she will just chew and snooze the day away.

This weekend will probably prove to be challenging, as she feels better but still needs to be restricted. We'll see how it goes!

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