Friday, January 21, 2011

grown up stuff? whoa...

In our never-ending quest to turn into actual adults, we have achieved a new milestone. We now have real, used-as-intended, matching, stylish, bedroom furniture. It only took us ten years to get to this point, so maybe that means there is hope for us yet. Instead of a mattress/boxspring on rails, a second-hand nightstand, a second-hand particleboard printer stand masquerading as the other nightstand, a dresser painted black in a fit of teenagerhood, and another dresser covered in stickers, we now have real furniture from IKEA.

Don't laugh. IKEA is awesome. Having a giant truck to TAKE to IKEA is even more awesome, even if you do decide to go after work on a Friday night and you end up having to fight the clock to make it out on time with all of your precious, precious loot. We wound up having to split up, with me taking two full flatbed carts through the checkout line by myself while Chris went to fill up a third cart with the last few things we needed. The truck was almost half-full when we were done, which is impressive given how big that sucker is.

We chose the HOPEN line of bedroom furniture, which is black with teal glass inserts in the front of the drawers. The bed frame is awesome and I love the headboard, but unfortunately our bed is so tall that you cannot see the headboard at all unless you go to the side and lean over. It still provides space between the bed and the wall, which is a new and different situation that is rather pleasing, all told. This effect is exacerbated because we had to rearrange the bedroom entirely, due to a burp in the space-time continuum that said "yes your measurements say that these will fit the way you plan" and the reality once the items were assembled. So the bed got rotated to the wall where it's now under the window, my dresser was replaced directly with a long 8-drawer dresser, and the far wall where the head of the bed used to be is now covered with three dressers (one tall, two short). We even got nightstands, nightlights, new curtains, new sheets, and a duvet cover for the comforter. As of Monday, everything is assembled and installed in its permanent location in our room, and what's left now is to do minor decorative things like move pictures and obtain more art/pictures.

I'm very pleased. And I'm finally getting used to it, so that I'm not waking up thinking that I'm sleeping in a hotel room. This is good.

No photos yet. I want to take pictures after I move the bouquet and paintings this weekend, and maybe not until after I get more art for the other side of the room. We'll see.

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