Monday, January 31, 2011

new furniture, and another project begins

Once, there was a bedroom. It was functional, but it wasn't very pretty, and it felt very old and worn out. Many of its parts were secondhand and 25+ years old, and really, it was quit distressed about the whole thing. It tried to be friendly and welcoming, but really was only at its best in the dark, which made the bedroom sad. So sad, in fact, that this is the only photo that I'm willing to show of it.

So we bought new bedroom furniture, new curtains, a duvet cover for the comforter, and even got nightlights to go on the nightstands. And after a week of rearranging, building, and a little swearing, the bedroom was much improved and feeling much happier.

The view from the door, showing the bed on its new frame and three of the new dresser cabinets, as well as the curtains and one of the night lights.

Left side of the bed, showing the nightstand, a little bit of the headboard (which is largely covered by our huge mattress, and the long chest of drawers.

Bed and new curtains, showing the pretty blue/gray duvet cover, teal sheets, and teal curtains chosen to coordinate with the aqua glass in the drawers of the new furniture. I also really love these night lights - they're so stylish, and they give just the right amount of light when the ceiling light is turned off.

Better view of the left side of the room, showing the other chest of drawers fully and also showing the art that is currently up in the room (my wedding bouquet flanked by the small paintings that my grandmother gave me that were her parents' from their European Grand Tour).

I plan to get some larger framed photos, probably of Mt Rainier and the ocean, to go over the three dressers on the right side of the room. We're also thinking of putting in a full length mirror near the door to the bathroom, although if I can find a way to hang up the mirror tiles I found in the guest room closet I'll do that instead. Finally, I think a stronger color wallpaper border would look very nice, although what we have does now match (for the first time, hah!) so it certainly doesn't look bad. Overall the effect is very clean and modern, and I find it to be very soothing and calming especially with the new night lights.

And the bedroom was happy, for its people were happy, and it could soldier on content that its purpose in life was renewed.

But wait, there's more!

Yes, this is normally my sewing room...looks a little different right now, doesn't it?

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