Thursday, May 9, 2013


Hubbard's Curzon Dax CGC HIC FGDCh40k TFE-I
October 21, 2003 - May 6, 2013

In the end, the cancer got him.  We had hoped and fought for this not to be so, but it did.  Curzon lived long enough to meet his baby brother Martok and play with him for a few short days, and then I think he knew his job was done and he could go in peace.  He went to flyball practice on April 28 and had a great time doing recalls and tugging as hard as he could, despite having lost the sight in his right eye, and then the decline began late that night.  Curzon's last good day was Saturday May 4, our eleventh anniversary, where he spent the day snoozing in the trailer while we were at a tournament, coming out for walks and to play ball, including a walk around the flyball barn and lots of pets and greetings during lunch.  He had steak with his dinner that night, and sat with me out with friends amongst the trailers for an hour as we were social before bedtime.

Throughout Sunday Curzon was unable to eat and vomited several times, although he appeared to rally somewhat once we were home and he had some shredded rotisserie chicken.  When we got up on Monday morning, however, we could tell that rally was short-lived as he was no longer able to eat, he didn't want to play or interact with anyone or anything, and he continued to vomit.  Thankfully we were able to get a home-visit veterinarian to come to our home, where we said goodbye and let him go in our own backyard with his sisters and our friends with us.  Curzon died in my lap, surrounded by Chris and I and our friends loving him, petting him, and telling him that we loved him and it was okay to go.  It was quick and painless for him, and I dearly hope that his spirit is comfortable, pain-free, and racing around with a big goofy grin somewhere.

We miss him with every moment of the day.  Our lives are forever changed by our amazing boyo, Curzon, and nothing will be the same without him.

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